Happiness Talk (PMHIG)

Dr. Timothy Lau, a geriatric psychiatrist at The Royal Mental Health Centre, has presented talks on happiness around the world. Dr. Lau will be bringing his talk here to RGN for us, sharing his knowledge on how to foster mental health and wellbeing. Lunch will be provided! (Location: RGN Rm 2149)

Psychiatry Post CaRMS Match Talk (PMHIG)

Join PMHIG for an interactive discussion with uOttawa Ms4’s who recently matched to Psychiatry. Discussion topics include their personal experiences that led them to choose psychiatry,  tips and tricks to navigate the CaRMS process if interested in Psychiatry, and parallel planning.

Aging with Mental Illness (PMHIG x GIG)

Much of the public’s discussions around mental illnesses have been focused on onset and management in early life years. This talk will focus on patient-physician experience in managing long-term chronic mental illnesses in older adults, and patient experiences in aging with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, dementia, schizophrenia, and eating disorders.

Super Doc? Learning and Living Resilience (ResIG x PMHIG x Wellness Committee)

Come and listen to Dr. Haykal’s personal take on resilience. She will provide insights into learning to be resilient, along with advices and words of wisdom to sustain a blossoming career in medicine.

Eating Disorders and Mental Health (PMHIG x PedSIG)

Join Dr. Roscoe, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, as she shares her experience with treating eating disorders! Venez joindre Dre. Roscoe, une psychiatre pour enfants et adolescents. Dre. Roscoe discutera de son expérience dans le traitement des troubles alimentaires.

How to take a Psychiatric History Workshop (PMHIG)

Want to practice your clinical and history-taking skills? Interested in reviewing content for the psych block? MS1’s, do you want a head start for second-year content? Join us for an interactive Psychiatry History-taking workshop, run by Dr. Karishma Taneja (PGY3) and Dr. Bronwyn Thomson (PGY4).    

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