Patient Experience with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MedReal x OncIG)

Join MedReal x OncIG on Tuesday February 13 at 12:30pm-1:30pm for an informative talk from Heather Douglas, who will be sharing her experiences with metastatic breast cancer. Heather will share her story of strength, courage, and determination in order to better inform medical students about the patient experience with cancer. Link:

Breaking Bad News (MedReal x ResIG)

Description: Breaking bad news can be one of the most difficult duties for a physician, and it’s even more difficult for the patients on the receiving end. Without proper understanding, bad news can generate great discomfort and uncertainty, causing further patient distress. Come join Melanie Clementine as she discusses the process of breaking bad news …

Breaking Bad News (MedReal x ResIG) Read More »

When Doctors make Mistakes and Coping with Cancer (MedReal)

We are so grateful to be hosting, Dr. Robin Mcgee, a clinical psychologist who battled her colorectal cancer which was diagnosed late due to medical error. She wrote the award-winning book The Cancer Olympics. She continues to be outspoken about the need for improved standards for cancer care. Tuesday November 8th at 12h30pm.

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