Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are geared towards specific medical specialties and cater to the interests of medical students by providing extra information in the form of activities, speakers, and events.

Specialty Interest Groups

Anatomy Interest Group

The focus of the Anatomy Interest Group (AIG) is to stimulate an interest in anatomy and teaching beyond the framework of our medical school’s standard anatomy curriculum. AIG is responsible for organizing dissection electives, clinical skill workshops such as suturing and surface anatomy, and helping students prepare for their anatomy exams while promoting their interest in anatomy. AIG collaborates uniquely with the Faculty and is an integral part of many medical students' education.

Anesthesia Interest Group

Anesthesia is a dynamic field of medicine that encompasses pre-, peri-, and post-operative medicine as well as pain management, to which we have limited exposure as medical students. The Anesthesia Interest Group provides opportunities for exploring the scope of this medical field through various talks and workshops.

Arts in Medicine

Arts in Medicine (AIM) provides a creative outlet for medical students to express themselves and manage stress. You will share new creative experiences with colleagues while complimenting your work-life balance with the theme of self-expression and exploration this year! We strongly believe that anyone, regardless of their background, will be able to find their own artistic voice with AIM!

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Join the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) to gain exposure to the exciting and diverse world of emergency medicine and connect with residents and staff within the field. EMIG hosts many events and activities from talks to workshops to Career Night and other unique opportunities!

Family Medicine Interest Group

Are you interested in a career in family medicine, or curious about what it could entail? Come out to the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) events, where we will explore the many facets of family medicine through exciting talks, workshops, and shadowing opportunities. This is a wonderful way to discover if family medicine might be the career path for you!

Finance in Medicine

Objective: To supplement student education regarding financial literacy, both on a personal and professional level. Specific Learning Objectives: - Provide students with specific skills to improve their accounting and debt management. - Empower students with a sense of control over their financial situation. - Increase awareness and understanding of financial related issues in medical school, residency, and in their own future practice. - Provide networking opportunities for students to get in touch with the necessary resources and people that can assist in financial management.

Geriatrics Interest Group

As Canada’s population continues to age, and more of our population finds themselves above the age of 65, care of the elderly is becoming a major aspect of medicine across the country. Our interest group will provide undergraduate medical students with awareness and understanding of the importance of this growing demographic, and more importantly how our role as a physician in different aspects of medicine can play a part in contributing to the proper care of the elderly. Various presentations, documentaries, and discussion panels will be offered throughout the year which will explore and discover the fascinating field of geriatrics!

Indigenous Health Interest Group

The Indigenous Health Interest Group (IHIG) is a group that is open to all students who are interested in increasing their cultural sensitivity when working with Indigenous populations. The objectives of this group are to run workshops and talks that provide information on Indigenous culture, the health of Indigenous populations, traditional methods of healing, and the importance of a holistic approach to health care.​

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) provides students with the opportunity to explore Internal Medicine and its variety of subspecialties through educational workshops and seminars given by professionals in their respective fields. The IMIG also aims to help students network within the field of Internal Medicine and learn about the lifestyle and career paths of Internal Medicine professionals.​

Médecine Francophone Interest Group

Le groupe d’intérêt de médecine francophone mettra en vedette des médecins francophones de backgrounds et spécialités variés, sous forme de présentations, débats et témoignages personnels, pour vous donner un aperçu complet sur la pratique de la médecine en français au Canada. Les étudiants du volet anglophone souhaitant participer sont également les bienvenus à se joindre aux présentations, et ce peu importe leur niveau de fluidité en français.

Medical Diversity Awareness Group

Enhance your knowledge of the infamous “Hidden Curriculum” of medical school: MDAG’s mandate is to educate the doctors of tomorrow on how to be more aware, accepting, compassionate, tolerant and cross-culturally competent of underrepresented populations (e.g. 2SLGBTQIA+, disabled, and many other vulnerable populations) to help combat discrimination within the medical community. Our goal is to make you feel confident that you are giving the most mindful, respectful, and safest care to all patients while also empowering you to know your own rights as a doctor, patient, and student when it comes to accommodation and discrimination.

Medical Education Interest Group

Teaching is fundamental to the medical profession; the Medical Education Interest Group (MEIG) aims to provide undergraduate medical students with the skills to improve their leadership and communication skills and excel in the teaching roles that they will take on throughout their careers. Through small-group and large-group teaching workshops, students will learn how to effectively communicate as lecturers and small-group tutors, and will later have the opportunity to apply their skills as educators with undergraduate students through the MedTalks program.

Medical Ethics Interest Group

Medical assistance in dying, triage, COVID-19 passports and mandatory vaccination, delivering bad news: these issues are complex and only begin to explore the variety of ethical issues facing medicine today. We will be offering an exciting range of events from expert-led talks and mock ethical decision-making simulations to personal experiences from clerks and residents and hands-on workshops.


MedReal invites medical students who are interested in having thoughtful discussions with patients and learning from their medical experiences. We believe patients are our greatest teachers and want to center their voices in medical education.

Oncology Interest Group

The Oncology Interest Group (OncIG) helps provide students with exposure to the disciplines of medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology. We hope to augment the student experience in a variety of ways, including talks pertaining to oncology, as well as facilitating access to research in oncology.

Pediatrics Special Interest Group

The Pediatrics Special Interest Group (PedSIG) strives to introduce medical students to the field of pediatrics and its subspecialties, the residency program matching requirements, pre-clerkship elective opportunities, and much more! We hope to share our enthusiasm for this fascinating specialty with you!

Physician Skills Enrichment Group

The Physician Skills Enrichment Group (PSEG) is a great initiative run by students that allows them to practice their clinical skills (physical exams, history taking, motivational interviews) and apply their medical knowledge, while receiving valuable feedback from experienced clerkship students. This interest group also offers a mock OSCE session as well as exposure to patient care in a hospital setting (through bedside teaching).

Planetary Health Interest Group

The Planetary Health Interest Group aims to inspire a shift within the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine’s culture towards environmental sustainability and waste-reduction practices to promote planetary health and climate justice awareness. We are dedicated to discussing the impacts of environmental issues on the health system, and in turn how the health system impacts our environment.​

Point of Care Ultrasound Interest Group

The technology of the future is here! Learn how to “look inside” your patients at the bedside. The Point-of-care Ultrasound (PoCUS) Interest Group is here to teach medical students how to carry out bedside ultrasounds so you can make on-the-spot diagnoses!​

Psychiatry and Mental Health Interest Group

The Psychiatry and Mental Health Interest Group (PMHIG) aims to increase student awareness regarding mental illness among various patient populations and works to educate and eliminate negative perceptions of psychiatric illness through both seminars and community outreach initiatives. Further, with the support of various mental health practitioners and community resources, members of this group will have the opportunity to learn about the specialty of psychiatry and its associated subspecialties.

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) is a student-run organization that aims to promote interest in radiology and other sub-disciplines of radiology. The RIG also aims to teach medical imaging basics to students through the organization of talks, workshops and various radiology-related activities.​

Resiliency Interest Group

Medical school can be really tough! Want to learn how to build resilience and overcome challenges in medical school? The Resiliency Interest Group (ResIG) promotes self-reflection and learning through relevant content distribution, goal-setting, and small group sessions to help students become strong-minded physicians and overcome the obstacles they face in medicine.

Rural Medicine Interest Group

The Rural Medicine Interest Group provides students with the opportunity to learn about rural medicine from physicians that practice various specialties and come from a diverse set of rural communities. Gaining an understanding of the benefits and unique aspects of rural medicine may encourage students to engage in rural electives during their core rotations!

Sports Medicine Interest Group

Our goal is to educate University of Ottawa medical students on the interdisciplinary field of Sports Medicine, highlighting the intersection between lifestyle and functional medicine. Through talks and hands-on workshops given by sports medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and allied health professionals, we hope to provide students with the opportunity to better understand this specialty in a fun and engaging environment.

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) provides students exposure to surgical specialities through mentoring & networking opportunities, skills workshops, talks given by experts in their respective fields, and the SEADS summer program. SIG offers insight into the nuances of the field, including lifestyle, OR observership tips, and career paths of established surgeons.

Technology in Medicine Interest Group

Future physicians from our generation will need to learn to adopt technological innovation at an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness. From the advent of x-ray to the emergence of minimally invasive surgical tools, the use of technology in medicine has revolutionized patient care and treatment. Are you interested in being at the forefront of medical advancements, learning about the groundbreaking innovations being researched and implemented every day, and engaging with other like-minded students to brainstorm ways of integrating technology into your future practice? The Technology in Medicine Interest Group (TMIG) will give you the opportunity to learn and explore cutting edge technology being used by world class physicians here in the nation’s capital!

Women's Health Interest Group

Are you curious to learn more about topics relating to women’s health, or are you interested in what a career in obstetrics and gynaecology entails? Come out to the Women’s Health Interest Group, where you will have the opportunity to explore a broad range of topics relating to women’s health, including: sexual and reproductive health, navigating careers in OB/Gyn, mental health, issues that impact the health of sex workers and the LGBTQ community, and maternal and fetal health and well-being.

Specialized Medicine Interest Groups

Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) strives to help uOttawa medical students gain exposure to dermatology-related content, further improving their competency and confidence when providing care to patients with dermatologic conditions. Through the implementation of unique lunch-time talks, interactive seminars, and hands-on workshops, DIG will cover topics ranging from acne, to skin of colour dermatology, to skin cancers – come join us!​

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Learn about ophthalmology, the field focused on ocular care, with the Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG). It will be a resource for students to learn about the CaRMS process, subspecialties, research, service projects involved in ophthalmology, and connect with experts in the field.

Pathology Interest Group

Pathology involves the examination of tissue specimens in order to make the official diagnosis of a condition, thus guiding patient management. The Pathology Interest Group (PIG) hosts informative and interactive sessions where students can reinforce their understanding of unit-specific objectives as well as nurture a stronger appreciation for what a career in pathology has to offer.​

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