Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I heard there is funding for going to a conference, how can I apply for it?

Yes, there are funding opportunities for conferences provided you are presenting a poster or talking at it. The first source of funding is from the department from which your work is coming from. Talk to the chair of the department to ask about funding opportunities – most departments should have funding for this (if the answer is no or you have trouble, send an email to the Vice Dean for help). The second source of funding is the Aesculapian Society Medical Student Conference Fund (bursary # 752200302561 on uOZone). This award is rewarded retroactively – meaning if you go to a conference in the fall semester, you apply in the winter; and if you go to a conference in the winter semester or summer, you apply in the fall. The scholarship requires an application and is worth up to $1000, but is typically around $500. You can only win this award once during the 4-years of medical school. Currently, this award is not funded for the fall 2017 application cycle, which may change if funding is procured by ASoc.

I want to participate in a fundraiser or charity event, can you help me with this?

Yes! Anyone is free to work with any charity they would like, and the VP Philanthropy is available to assist with charitable projects. Reaching out for help is a great idea.

I’d love to participate in Prostate Canada Cancer Network, but I’m a girl/can’t grow a moustache. Can I still join?

Of course! Although growing a moustache is the iconic Prostate Cancer Canada Network activity, Prostate Cancer Canada Network is about much more than that: it is about raising funds for Men’s Health projects (prostate and testicular cancer research, mental health projects, and fighting physical inactivity). Therefore, you can still raise money for the cause, and a great way to do that is through the MOVE campaign. Make an activity goal for the month, such as working-out every day for the whole month of Prostate Cancer Canada Network, stick to it, and post your progress!

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