Why can't we have our marks released sooner?

The process of marking exams is rather time consuming. All the scantrons and CDMQ questions need to be graded. The scantrons are sent downtown and need to be returned. Once that has been done, multiple individuals go through all the comments made on the feedback forms. Any problematic questions then need to be addressed.

Why do we have to fill out multiple evaluations for the same lecturer?

The professor’s performance may vary between lectures (the way information is presented, etc.), therefore it is ideal to have a separate evaluation completed for each.

How does the faculty handle the issue of professors that consistently receive poor reviews?

There is an evaluation flagging system in place. If professors receive evaluations that are below expectation, they get brought to the UGME Dean’s attention. If a problem is found, the professor is spoken to. They then get the chance to improve in the subsequent year. If they consistently fail to improve, they may no longer be asked to give the lecture. It should also be noted that the evaluations professors receive play a significant role when they apply for various positions (administrative, research, teaching, etc.).

Is it possible for the library to have longer hours?

This may be possible, but the library does have a limited budget. Extended hours during exam time would have to come at the expense of access to journals, or perhaps hours during regular days.

Why is there a discrepancy between the material taught to the French and English Stream?

The material presented to each stream is equal, but not identical. Statistically, students perform the same on the exams regardless of what stream they are in. Faculty works to ensure this. Ultimately, the objectives for both streams are the same, and they are what the students are responsible for.

Why are some objectives not addressed during lecture?

Objectives are considered to be the students’ responsibility. If you feel that some objectives are not covered well, and should be better addressed, please include this in your unit evaluation.

Why do some of the professors not seem to know what we have/have not covered?

Professors are given this information. If you feel that the professors are not informed of this/are not teaching at an adequate level, please include this in your evaluations.

Would it be possible to have some days off to study for the midterm exam?

The type of schedule you are given in medical school is meant to train you for the working world (residency and beyond). It should also be noted that the University of Ottawa is one of the few schools nationally that provides students with a March break. It is important for students to learn how to maintain their wellness throughout the year and become accustomed to effective scheduling.

Why are the lecture recordings so unreliable?

This recording system is based at the downtown campus, so we have little control over it. However, if you notice an issue with the recordings, please create a list of the specific lectures and present them to faculty/your class president so that they can then relay that information to the appropriate people downtown.

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