Council Members

The Aesculapian Council is composed of the following individuals. For more information on the organization, roles, and responsibilities of the Council, please refer to our Constitution.

Julia Kemzang


Sabrina Yang

Executive Vice-President

Emma Gartke

Vice-President of Administration

Ramtin Ghasemi

Senior Vice-President of Finance

Danielle Charland

Junior Vice-President of Finance

Hussein Said

Senior Vice-President of External Affairs

Jacky Lee

Junior Vice-President of External Affairs

Tara Tabatabaei

Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Gabriella Hrubesz

Junior Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Gillyan Xu

Vice-President of Information Technology

Adrienne Li

Vice-President of Community Health

Lina Rahouma

Vice-President of Global Health

Mark Abdelnour

Vice-President of Philanthropy

Lana Milidrag

Vice-President of Social Affairs

Jack Ho

Vice-President of Athletic Affairs

Dominique Boucher

Vice-President MD/PhD

Shyla Gupta

Vice-President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

Amani Kane

Vice-President Black Medical Students’ Association


Year 1 Francophone Co-President


Year 1 Anglophone Co-President

Christian Hurtubise

Year 2 Francophone Co-President

Rashi Ramchandani

Year 2 Anglophone Co-President

Justin Lalonde

Year 3 Francophone Co-President

Moiz Hassan

Year 3 Anglophone Co-President

Juliette Thibaudeau

Year 4 Francophone Co-President

Kashyap Patel

Year 4 Anglophone Co-President

Sierra Land

Vice-President of Indigenous Health

Alex Lee

Faculty Senate Student Representative

Zafrin Islam

Past President


Assistant Vice-President of Academic Affairs


Assistant Vice-President of Global Health


Assistant Vice-President of Athletic Affairs


Assistant Vice-President of Social Affairs


Assistant Vice-President of Information Technology


Assistant Vice-President of Community Health


Assistant Vice-President of Finance

Honorary Presidents

The Honorary Presidents are members of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa who are willing to devote a reasonable amount of time and interest to the Society. Two Honorary Presidents are voted into the Council each year; one Anglophone and one Francophone.

Dr. Safaa El-Bialy

Francophone Honorary President

Dr. Craig M. Campbell

Anglophone Honorary President

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