General Elections 2024

Table of Contents


Gabriella Hrubesz

Hi everyone! My name is Gabby, and I am running to be your ASoc president for the 2024/25 year! About me: I grew up in rural Ottawa and completed my undergrad degree in TMM here at uOttawa. In my free time, I like spending time outside, including running, backcountry camping and skiing. I love traveling whenever I can, trying new meal prep recipes and hanging out with friends. Past experiences: I started as VP Academic Assistant on ASoc in my first year and I transitioned to the VP Academic Jr. role this past year. Through my role as VP Academic, I have attended various meetings with faculty members to serve as the student voice in curriculum and evaluations review. I’ve had the opportunity to vote on behalf of students on issues related to exams, curriculum format and lecture scheduling. I have also represented uOttawa on roundtable meetings with CFMS to collaborate on student issues with medical schools across the country. I believe that the skills that I have acquired over the last two years as VP Academic will allow me to transition seamlessly and succeed in the role of ASoc president. Plans for the year: Lecture schedule for pre-clerkship: as many of you know, the first- and second-year class presidents have been working hard this past year to coordinate a lecture schedule that best fits the needs of students’ and faculty. I want to continue to advocate for students and take suggestions and testimonies to organize the best lecture format possible for our learning. Elective planning for clerkship: as part of my role as ASoc president, I want to work more closely with CFMS and advocate for smoother elective booking with the AFMC portal and reduced elective booking costs for students. Engaging with student council: I’m hoping to make ASoc more engaging for the student body next year. This would include hosting ASoc socials with food and drinks, study sessions (coffeeshop vibes) and town halls where students can voice their opinions about student issues. I would also bring back career night for students to help learn about new specialties! Transparency with the faculty: If elected as Asoc president, I would act as a liaison with the faculty to ensure transparency regarding student affairs, including exam, absence policies and lecture formats. Releasing regular newsletters and meeting updates from faculty meetings would ensure that all students can remain informed and voice their opinion to the faculty. Student well-being: Burnout is real in medical school. If elected, I hope to organize more fun wellness activities in collaboration with the rest of ASoc to make medical school a bit less stressful. Think paint nights, puppy therapy, yoga and group spin classes to help de-stress. Supporting student initiatives: I’m here to support you! As ASoc president, I would be more than happy to support any student initiatives, whether that be new clubs, interest groups or fun socials. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you will vote for me for ASoc President! 

VP Executive

James Lisondra

Hi everyone! I’m James and I’m running to be your next VP Executive on the Aesculapian Society! There is so much more that we can do as a community to empower medical students across the faculty to reach their personal and career goals. Speaking with both students and applicants as an Admissions Committee Representative in the past few months have helped me recognize that, together, we can build a brighter pre-clerkship experience: 

First, we need greater REPRESENTATION of student voice in faculty-level decision making. We need more seats at the table when it comes to important conversations that impact our experiences and will have consequences on our future careers. We are privileged to have class representatives that are willing to listen and advocate for us, but they should not have to carry that responsibility on their own. There must be greater avenues for students to make suggestions, debate certain changes, and have their needs implemented.  

Next, together we will advocate for greater TRANSPARENCY between faculty and students, ensuring that students have ALL the resources and support they need to succeed. Many more times than enough, we’ve experiences significant problems with our schedule that have made it difficult to meet our week-to-week goals. While we recognize the hard work of Admin in rectifying these issues, there is more ASoc can do to provide additional support and advocate for our needs.  

We must also BE CHAMPIONS FOR OUR PEERS, who live busy lives outside of medicine, whether that means taking care of a loved one at home or working several jobs to provide for their children. We need to champion their health and well-being, making this journey easier for them and a career in medicine more possible. This means more workshops that aid students facing unique challenges, giving them the resources they need to be successful.  

TOGETHER we can achieve a pre-clerkship experience built by YOU and for YOU! 

Rvaha Afaan

Hello, uOttawa medical students. My name is Rvaha Afaan and I am running to be your VP Executive. Your time is valuable so let me jump right in. Being VP Executive involves watching over the general interests of the ASOC society. This means the VP Executive helps steer the boat in the right direction, being a little involved in a lot of varied operations. I believe this provides the perfect position to identify and address unmet student needs. In this context, my platform is simple: “Supporting What Works, Shaping What’s Next”. Through this lens, these are the two goals I would take on this role with:

1. Discuss the state of faculty-student communication and how it can be improved. Our uOttawa staff works hard, but we have all encountered frustrations – from attending classes with lecturers joining on Zoom to being very uncertain about what content is testable. To address these issues, prompt, timely communication with faculty is crucial. Students deserve clarity on classroom dynamics and assessment criteria without unnecessary effort on their part to seek out this information.

I Plan To:

  • Work with VP Academic to establish a faculty-student town hall.
  • Enact a transient committee made up of ASOC committee members and relevant faculty members to review current communication practices and develop recommendations for improvement.

2. Identify and champion common-sense quality of life improvements. There exist issues that students reflect on often with their peers. For example, extending library hours, especially around exam times. Recognizing the arbitrary nature of giving students 2 personal days and working to change that. Making small student wellness changes like nutritional snack options, and better student lounge offerings (e.g. table tennis table). If you talk to medical students from other universities, you will notice that a lot of these pro-student decisions have or are being implemented there. It is important to get the conversation going on these common-sense topics at uOttawa, and that is exactly what I would like to do.

I Plan To:

  • Propose a volunteer initiative to help keep the library open for extra hours during exam time.
  • Have a faculty-student town hall on the decision process that determines the number of personal days.
  • Elicit the student affairs office support regarding the personal days initiative.
  • Work with VP Community Health and VP Athletics to improve wellness and lounge offerings either directly through ASOC or through faculty investment.

If you take anything from this platform it should be this: as your VP Executive, I want to improve faculty-student communication, and champion common-sense quality of life improvements. Vote for me so we can initiate more pro-student discussion and action on our campus. Help me support what works, and shape what’s next.

VP Finance Jr

William Barbour

Dear colleagues, 

I am excited and privileged to be running for the position of VP Finance Jr. on the Aesculapian Society for the upcoming year. Currently, I am serving as the VP Finance Assistant on ASoc, which has provided me with an opportunity to become familiar with the role under the mentorship of the current VP Finance Jr. I have truly enjoyed being a part of ASoc so far, and I would love to remain involved in the coming years. There is no doubt that sound financial planning is the backbone of any student organization, and I am eager to contribute to the future success of ASoc in this role. 

My interest in student finance was sparked during my undergrad, when I served as the Vice-President of Finance on Western University’s Triathlon Club. In this role, I had the opportunity to develop several skills which are translatable to the VP Finance Jr. role, including creating a budget, processing reimbursements, and managing payroll. 

My platform is rooted in the following pillars: 

  1. Efficiency: I will strive to respond to all communications from colleagues in a time-effective manner to avoid delays in event planning.
  2. Simplicity: I will endeavour to make financial planning for events as simple as possible by reducing unnecessary administrative tasks and paperwork.
  3. Transparency: I will ensure that financial allocations are made public to the student body and will be available to field any questions.
  4. Equitable distribution of resources: I will ensure that all student groups have access to funds they deserve, and I will strive to reduce bias in the budgeting process. To this end, it will be integral to uphold a democratic process for the allocation of funds.
  5. Affordability: I will push to reduce any unnecessary spending to render ASoc events as affordable as possible for students.
  6. Charity: I will be a strong supporter for charitable initiatives that make a difference in the community. 

Lastly, a bit about me: I grew up in Toronto, I completed my undergraduate in Medical Sciences at Western University, and I am currently in my first year of medical school. In my spare time, I enjoy running and reading. I am also currently serving as a member of the Policy, Response, and Implementation team on OMSA, and I am a member of the Triathlon Club at uOttawa. 

Ultimately, I believe that supporting other ASoc members in the role of VP finance Jr. would be an incredibly rewarding experience. Thank you for considering me for this position, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Kind regards, 


Chers collègues, 

C’est avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme que je me présente pour être VP junior des finances de la Société d’Esculape (SocE). Je suis actuellement votre assistant VP des finances, donc j’ai eu l’occasion de me familiariser avec ce poste sous le mentorat de la VP actuelle. J’ai vraiment aimé être membre de la SocE jusqu’à présent, et j’aimerais continuer à y participer dans les années à venir. Sans aucun doute, une planification financière solide constitue une partie intégrante de la réussite de toute organisation étudiante, et j’ai hâte de contribuer au succès futur de la SocE dans ce rôle. 

Mon intérêt pour la finance a été déclenché pendant mon bac, quand je servais en tant que VP des fiances sur le club de triathlon à l’université Western. Cette expérience m’a permis de développer plusieurs compétences qui s’avéreront utiles dans le rôle de VP junior des finances à la SocE, y compris l’élaboration d’un budget et le traitement des remboursements. 

Mon programme électoral s’appuie sur les piliers suivants :   

  1. Efficacité : je m’efforcerai de répondre à toute communication de mes collègues aussitôt que possible afin d’éviter des retards dans la planification des événements.  
  2. Simplicité : je vais essayer de rendre la planification financière aussi facile que possible, en éliminant les formalités administratives et la paperasserie inutile.
  3. Transparence : Je vais communiquer les décisions financières avec les étudiants et je serai disponible pour répondre aux questions à cet égard.
  4. Répartition équitable des ressources : Je vais m’assurer que toutes les organisations étudiantes aient un accès équitable aux fondes dont elles ont besoin, et je vais essayer de réduire les biais pendant le processus de budgétisation. Pour ce faire, il va falloir faire respecter un processus démocratique quant à l’allocation des fondes. 
  5. Abordabilité : Je vais essayer de réduire les dépenses inutiles afin de rendre les événements de la SocE les plus accessibles possible.
  6. Charité : Je serai un fervent partisan des initiatives de bienfaisance qui auront un impact positif dans la communauté.  

Enfin, un peu sur moi : je suis originaire de Toronto, j’ai complété mon bac en sciences médicales à l’University Western, et je suis actuellement en première année. Pendant mon temps libre, j’aime faire de la course et j’aime lire. Je suis membre actuel de l’équipe Policy, Response, and Implantation de l’Association des étudiant(e)(s) de médecine de l’Ontario, ainsi que le Club de Triathlon à uOttawa.  

En fin de compte, je crois que soutenir les autres membres de la SocE en tant que VP junior des finances serait une expérience extrêmement gratifiante. Je vous remercie de l’attention que vous accordez à ma candidature, et n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez quelconque question.  

Sincères amitiés, 


VP External Affairs Jr

Rohan Singh

Hi everyone! My name’s Rohan and I’m running to be your next VP External Jr!! I’m currently CFMS uOttawa Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee’s (GAAC) Jr. Co-Chair which has given me great exposure to the work done by the VP External and has inspired me to run for the role. My platform aims to increase student engagement with our representatives, improve our student experience, and make politics more fun! If elected to VP External, I’ll work with OMSA and CFMS to create more events open to medical students across Ontario and Canada, such as Medical Student Weekends and Retreats, utilizing class feedback to ensure these events cater to student interest and fit within our schedules. These events would also help students learn more about what OMSA and CFMS do and provide new opportunities to get involved. To help improve the transparency of these organizations, I plan to share brief summaries of what upcoming meetings will discuss so that I can collect student feedback. Being informed on your opinions will help me better represent you on OMSA Council and CFMS to ultimately create the student experience you want. As VP External Jr. there are a few issues I would tackle to improve our experience as students in Ottawa. Housing is a challenge that all of us face which is not made any easier by predatory landlords and improper maintenance. If elected to VP External, I’ll work with OMSA to run a Tenants Rights Campaign to help all Ontario medical students understand their tenant rights and know how to report their landlord if needed. OC Transpo is another service we all use, and pay for, which can be immensely improved. I plan to work with the city’s newly formed Transit Working Group to improve transit reliability between hospitals and population-dense areas in Ottawa, which will benefit not only students, but all Ottawans in need of medical care. It can also be difficult for most students to get involved with external advocacy, and I plan to fix that by hosting frequent events. As VP External, I will host Pints & Politics style events with government representatives, giving students the opportunity to discuss their concerns with elected officials in an approachable setting. Aside from elected representatives, I would also want to bring in Canadian physicians who have worked in the political sphere. Hearing how their experiences as physicians shaped their political work can help students better understand how they can support their communities as future physicians. Most importantly though is that these ideas are just a starting point and will continue to change based on what you, the students, want. As VP External Jr. my main goal is to work with external stakeholders to improve your medical student experience and I’m really excited for the opportunity to do so. Hopefully after reading my platform, you’re excited to have me do it as well! 

VP Academic Jr

Karishma Tailor

I am running to be your Vice-President of Academic Junior for the University of Ottawa Aesculapian Society. My passion for fostering a supportive and enriching academic environment, combined with my extensive experience in student leadership roles, makes me the ideal candidate for this crucial position. In my current role as the Aesculapian Society Vice-President Academic Assistant, I have gained invaluable insights into the workings of our academic system, and sit on several committees currently. This role has allowed me to witness the challenges students face and understand the vision needed to support them effectively. Drawing on my previous experiences as the Vice-President of Promotional Affairs, Interim and Acting President, and Senior Advisor for the Science Students’ Association, I possess a comprehensive understanding of university-level student council dynamics and politics. This background equips me with the knowledge of key institutional members and how to collaborate with them to advocate for students successfully. I have also been actively involved in creating scholarships and bursaries aimed at alleviating financial burdens for students and have played a pivotal role in curriculum changes at the undergraduate level within the Faculty of Science, which I hope to apply to our Faculty of Medicine, all with the goal of enhancing the student experience and facilitating their learning and growth.

As Vice-President of Academic Junior, my focus will be on ensuring that the student voice is heard and considered in decision-making processes. I plan to initiate surveys to gather valuable feedback from students, providing a platform for their voices to be heard, while also ensuring that even the quietest voice is amplified. Additionally, I will serve as a liaison between students and Faculty committees, advocating for essential matters such as scholarships, bursaries, learning styles, recorded classes, and individual and collective needs. Additionally, I will collaborate with faculty to organize engaging academic events, workshops, and seminars, ensuring our members have access to valuable educational resources. For example, this could include coordinating annual academic activities like Toronto Notes Orders, Academic Information Sessions, and Career Night, tips and tricks for exam writing, or facilitating. peer-to-peer learning initiatives, ultimately creating a supportive network for academic growth. Moreover, I aim to strengthen communication between the Aesculapian Society and Faculty committees concerning academic affairs. This involves keeping society members informed about relevant information from other committees, and facilitating a seamless flow of communication between the Society and the Faculty committees. My commitment to seeing each student grow and thrive in their academic journey is unwavering. I believe that through my past experiences, effective communication, collaboration, and a genuine dedication to enhancing the academic experience, we can create an environment where every student feels supported and empowered. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the University of Ottawa Aesculapian Society in the capacity of Vice-President of Academic Junior and to make a positive impact on the academic well-being of our student body, where my goal is to support you in reaching your goal. 

Nicole Wisener

Thank you for taking the time to read about my platform! My name is Nicole, though many people call me Nikki. I am thrilled to present my platform for the position of Vice President Academic Junior, a role that plays an essential part in shaping our medical education over the years to come. As someone who is passionate about curriculum development and innovation, I am committed to advancing the academic experience for my fellow classmates and future UOttawa medical students. As the VP Academic Junior, I will be responsible for advocating on behalf of our class, serving as a liaison between students and faculty, coordinating annual academic activities, and sitting on several committees, including the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Pre-Clerkship Committee. I am dedicated to actively participating in committee meetings and collaborating with other students and faculty to positively influence the academic experience. Moreover, I will strive to ensure all of your opinions are heard and represented, by speaking with each and every student, creating an open forum where you can voice your concerns and ideas, and being aware of potential biases. In my role, I also hope to add enriching academic activities that cater to different students’ needs. As we advance through medical school and prepare for residency, I understand students have many questions about what extracurriculars to engage in, what research projects to work on, and how to pick a residency program. I plan to coordinate creative events that cater to these needs, such as career nights for different medical specialties in which students can network with different professionals and build relationships. These events will provide students with valuable insights into different pathways so they can figure out what is best for them. Additionally, I hope to make academic tasks easier for students. For example, working on creating a better system for faculty evaluations, streamlining research opportunities for students, and building strong systems for students and lecturers to connect in Q&A sessions before examinations. In this role, I hope to address student concerns and provide our student body with increased opportunities for learning and career development. In conclusion, my desire to serve as VP Academic Junior is driven by a deep commitment to the academic success and well-being of all students and my passion for advancing our curriculum. I appreciate your support and consideration of me as your candidate. 

Khaled Almutairi 

Hello, I am happy to present my campaign platform for the position of Academic Vice President (VP) Junior., a role I believe is a pivotal in ensuring both academic success and well-being of the society. It is clear that academics is the hallmark of our medical school. We want to ensure a positive learning environment is created and that students can flourish in their academics and personal pursuits. With a dedication to fostering productive partnerships, I am enthusiastic about utilizing my abilities and passion in this significant role. As the Junior VP of Academics, I will advocate the Society’s interests in all academic affairs. My primary focus will be organizing academic initiatives to guarantee that members have the necessary resources and assistance for their educational success. For example, in pre-clerkship, we will continue to advocate for high-quality online and in person learning. For clerkship, this means ensuring sufficient guidelines for students as they transition and supporting their CARMS applications. Additionally, my dedication lies in promoting an inclusive and diverse scholarly atmosphere that mirrors the principles of our varied student population. One of the main duties of this position involves engaging as a participant in various committees, such as the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Pre-Clerkship Committee, Curriculum Content Review Committee, Faculty Council, and more. Through these roles, I will offer a perspective focused on students’ needs to ensure that their voices are recognized and dealt with at the most authoritative levels of academic decision-making. I am dedicated to enhancing communication channels between our Society and various levels of faculty leadership, providing transparent updates on relevant information, and actively seeking input from our members. To facilitate this, I will implement communications with all students through weekly newsletters and large-email updates when major changes are taking place. This will ensure all members are well informed about updates and engaged in academic affairs within our medical community. In addition to my committee duties, I am dedicated to organizing yearly academic events. This involves managing Toronto Notes Orders, Academic Information Sessions, and Career Night. These gatherings are crucial in shaping the academic journeys and professional paths of our members to ensure well-rounded career decisions are made. Moreover, I recognize the significance of serving as a link between our students and faculty committees. My goal is to actively connect them in order to encourage a cooperative atmosphere where ideas and issues can be openly discussed. My aim is to cultivate a robust partnership that elevates the academic experience for all. In summary, I am enthusiastic about the chance to fulfill the role of Junior Academic VP. I offer a strong focus on academic achievement, a deep commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and a dedication to clear and effective communication. With your backing, I believe we can establish an enriching academic setting that uplifts all individuals within our community. Thank you for considering my application , and I am excited about the chance to make a meaningful impact on the educational achievement within our medical community. Khaled Almutairi 

VP Community Health

Sayed Mohammed Behbehani

Hello! My name is Sayed, and I will be running to be your VP Community Health. To be elected to this position would be an absolute honor, and if elected, I promise to serve in the community’s best interest by being active in the development of programs and events centered on improving students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-beings. My platform will be composed of the following three goals: My first goal is to foster collaboration and communication between all ASoc Interest Groups and students. As VP Community Health, I will make sure to be there as a first and reliable point of contact for all interest groups for any form of assistance to ensure maximum functioning of all interest groups and their respective events. I would ensure that all interest groups are given an increased opportunity to advertise events throughout the year. In addition to weekly e-mails regarding interest group events and the ASoc calendar, I would propose a separate group chat where only executives of interest groups can post information regarding events, making it easier to track for students should they be interested. I would also propose that next year’s Interest Group Fair to be divided into two separate timeslots (different interest groups presenting in each timeslot) to give all interest groups fair and equal opportunity showcasing to students. My second goal is to promote students’ wellness consistently and proactively. I have been a part of many initiatives in the past that aimed to promote and advocate for students’ health. Every medical student knows that medical school can get tough, and in these times, there is nothing more important than taking care of your own physical and mental well-being. In collaboration with the Student Affairs Office and other involved partners, I will make sure to plan lots of fun events during Wellness Weeks, as well as other events throughout the entire year from trivia nights to pizza lunches that will help reduce stress throughout campus! My third goal is to maintain and enforce sustainable practices for all organized, on-campus events. As part of my role as VP Community Health, I promise that all community/Interest Group-related events will adhere to the Guidelines for Sustainable Events. All events will adhere to sustainable practices such as reducing waste and carbon footprint. Overall, I want to make sure the community that we are a part of is a healthy, happy, and supportive community. If anyone would like to reach out to ask me more questions about my platform, please email me at sbehb048@uottawa.ca. I hope you consider me for VP Community Health! 


VP Global Health

Hala Mahdi

Hi everyone! I’m Hala, an MD2027 in the English Stream, and I’m super excited to be running for the VP Global Health position! As the current Assistant VP Global Health, I have enjoyed learning about the role, both in the context of UOttawa and nationally with the CMFS, and really look forward to continuing with the work we’ve been doing this year. My platform is relatively simple, aiming to continue with what we’ve been doing well and improving on some things that we’re missing. The first pillar of my campaign is maintaining and increasing global health engagement at UOttawa at least one event per semester. In the Fall, I hope to collaborate with interest groups such as the Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine Interest Groups to increase students’ exposure to opportunities in global health within these specialties. For the FMIG, it is primarily the Family Medicine Global Health Enhanced Skills PGY3 program offered at UOttawa and other medical schools across Canada. For the EMIG, it is largely the opportunity to complete a fellowship in global health and become trained in emergency disaster response and humanitarian aid. With this, I hope to promote to students the opportunities that global health education can provide to physicians hoping to expand their practice and experiences to the global level. In the winter, this will include continuing with our yearly Global Health Ted-X Speaker and Sim-Ex events. In the Ted-X Speaker Event, students will get opportunities to learn about how physicians from varying specialties incorporate global health into their practice, whether that be internationally or locally. Sim-Ex is our collaboration with Humanitarian Partners International to take global health learning outside of the classroom, providing students with the chance to immerse themselves in a refugee health crisis simulation. The second pillar of my campaign is setting up Local Officer roles specific to the CFMS Global Health Portfolio at UOttawa.There are several Local Officer positions available to represent each Canadian medical school with the CFMS, and they include but are not limited to Local Officers of Exchange, Public Health, Indigenous Health, Reproductive and Sexual Health, and Global Health Education. This will provide students with more opportunities for leadership within global health and better representation at the national level with the CFMS. Additionally, this year and onwards, having Local Officers of Exchange is especially crucial, as the CFMS has brought back their International Exchange Program for the first time since the pandemic. Having local officers provides a direct liaison between these international programs and students, allowing UOttawa students to be better connected with exchanges and other international opportunities. Through these initiatives, I hope to foster an environment at UOttawa that promotes global health education and engagement and subsequently provides students with the opportunities to directly get involved in global health leadership both locally and nationally. Lastly, I am more than happy to take in any feedback and work with those interested to expand on these ideas and take them even further! 

VP Social Affairs

Aliki Karanikas

Hello Everyone! My name is Aliki Karanikas and for those of you I have yet to meet, I am in my first year of the English stream here at uOttawa. This year, I am running for the VP Social, a position which I’m super excited about! Through this platform write-up, I hope to share with you why I am running for the role, some of my experiences organizing social events, and what I hope to offer for next year. To begin, I believe this position has such a unique capacity to facilitate meaningful relationships, stress-relieving activities, and opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom. Whether it be planning Orientation Week or Mt Tremblant, the VP Social organizes events for us as students to connect with one another and have fun amidst the different stresses the school year brings. These activities have shaped my first-year experience so far, creating some amazing memories, and I would love to continue doing that for our year and for the incoming students as well! In terms of my experience, I have loved planning events for as long as I can remember. From high school semi-formals to undergrad club banquets and socials, I have found it rewarding to see my peers enjoying the work that goes into planning and executing events. My excitement for event planning continued into this year as well. I was the logistics coordinator for the Ottawa Student Emergency Medicine Conference, organizing the groups and schedule for the event as well as ensuring we had the necessary space, food, and equipment to run the day. This fall, I became the VP Social Assistant. Through this role, I have learned more about what the position of VP Social entails and how ASoc operates. This semester, I hope to be more hands-on in terms of helping to plan the end of year Med Ball, which would provide valuable experience should I be elected VP Social. Lastly, what I hope to offer for next year is a continuation of the amazing events that have been run this year. When planning these events, I want to incorporate feedback from all of you! I feel as though hearing what parts of the events you enjoyed and where you think they can be improved would be extremely useful in making sure everyone gets the most out of these experiences. I also want to ensure that communication with everyone remains clear and open. Providing as much information as possible about events with clarity and timeliness allows for everyone to make plans that best accommodate their needs so they can enjoy the event. Moreover, I think it would be great if an extra event or two could be added – potentially a collaboration with law students, another night out, or even an outdoor movie night. Overall, this position can facilitate events that enhance our medical school experience and I would be so excited to provide those opportunities for us all! Thank you for taking the time to read my platform!  

VP Philanthropy

Ella Miklaucic

Hello University of Ottawa Medical Students! I am excited to be campaigning for the role of VP Philanthropy because I am passionate about philanthropy, about maximizing our impact while organizing initiatives that are accessible for busy medical students to get involved with, and because I have the skills and experience to do so successfully. I have extensive experience organizing philanthropic events and am confident in my ability to organize annual events including UOServe, sMILES for Amanda, and annual clothing drives as well as to support any other student-led philanthropic initiatives. My experience includes working for a year at a non-profit (Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women) as the Outreach and Community Education Program Coordinator, where I was responsible for organizing and executing a variety of events. These events included fundraising events, donor presentations, and promotional events such as a booth at Toronto Family Pride. I was also responsible for coordinating collaborations with other local organizations. In addition, I was on the United Way Greater Toronto Speaker’s Bureau for the 2023 campaign season, delivering speeches to donor audiences of up to 1000 to raise money for the United Way. Finally, as the Junior Local Officer of the CFMS Sexual & Reproductive Health Committee, I have organized an event in collaboration with Jessie’s Centre, demonstrating my ability to maintain relationships with charitable organizations and organize events at UOttawa. Overall, I understand how to collaborate with charitable organizations and how to organize and host a successful philanthropic event. My Goals: 1. Maximize Impact: I’ll collaborate closely with community organizations to align our efforts with their actual needs, ensuring our impact is maximized. This involves building strong relationships, understanding the community’s priorities, and tailoring initiatives, such as clothing drives, to address the most pressing needs through efficient channels. 2. Facilitate Philanthropy for Busy Schedules: While we all care about our community, when we are busy, the logistical challenges can make it difficult to get involved. My goal is to make our philanthropic initiatives accessible for students to get involved with by minimizing these barriers. For example, I would try to minimize transportation and time barriers by organizing on-campus events such as ensuring that we can have on-campus drop-off locations for clothing drives. 3. Shape Our Philanthropy to Align with Your Values: Our UOttawa medical school consists of a diverse group of people with a diverse set of priorities and values. I will ensure that charitable organizations are chosen in a fair manner by polling the student community when selecting charities so that we are supporting organizations whose mission aligns with our values. I have been very successful in organizing philanthropic activities on a large scale, and am confident that I have the skills and experience to take on this position. If you want our UOttawa philanthropic initiatives to have the most impact on our community while being accessible for students to take part in, vote for me! Thank you! Ella Miklaucic, Candidate for VP Philanthropy, University of Ottawa 

VP Athletic Affairs

Alexander McDermott

Dear uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Community, I am honored to present my platform for the position of Vice President of Athletic Affairs. My deep enthusiasm for sports, coupled with my extensive leadership experiences, uniquely position me to contribute significantly to the enhancement of our athletic culture at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.

Leadership at the Helm of uOttawa Varsity Rowing:

During my two-year tenure as the President of the uOttawa Varsity Rowing team, I led a diverse group of athletes and managed multiple teams. This transformative experience equipped me with invaluable skills in leadership, organization, and teamwork. I successfully coordinated practice schedules, organized events, and ensured efficient team operations. My ability to create cohesive and motivated teams was essential in fostering a sense of community among team members.

Financial Acumen and Administrative Expertise:

 In my role, I maintained direct communication with the university, ensuring adherence to its policies and collaborating on various initiatives. Handling the team’s finances and budgeting enhanced my financial management skills. This experience has given me a heightened sense of responsibility and a deep understanding of the administrative intricacies of sports programs. I am confident in my ability to navigate the administrative landscape to ensure the smooth operation of athletic affairs at the Aesculapian Society.

Inclusive Approach to Athletics:

Beyond my role with the uOttawa Varsity Rowing team, my eight-year involvement in running a community Taekwondo-Do program has shaped my commitment to inclusivity and diversity in athletics. I believe in making sports accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background or skill level. This experience has provided insights into fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for participants. As Vice President of Athletic Affairs, I am committed to promoting inclusivity and ensuring that our athletic programs cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our medical students.

MedGames and Special Events:

 I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the organization of MedGames, serving as a liaison between the organizing committee and our medical students. Facilitating MedGames registration, organizing sport registration, and coordinating transportation to the event are tasks I am ready to undertake diligently. Additionally, I am eager to assist in organizing special events such as the annual “Run for Amanda,” collaborating with the VP Philanthropy & VP Community Health to make these events memorable and impactful.

Stewardship of Athletic Equipment:

 I understand the importance of responsible stewardship of athletic equipment. As Vice President of Athletic Affairs, I will ensure the proper maintenance and management of all equipment owned by, or on loan to, the Society. This includes overseeing the distribution of funds and budgeting to guarantee the efficient use of resources for the benefit of our athletes. In conclusion, I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Athletic Affairs and contribute to the thriving athletic culture at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. My diverse experiences, leadership skills, and commitment to inclusivity uniquely qualify me for this role. I look forward to the prospect of collaborating with the medical school community to elevate our athletic programs and create an environment that fosters both physical well-being and a strong sense of community. Thank you for considering my platform.


Alexander McDermott



Daniel Kurtz

Hey everyone! 

 My name is Daniel Kurtz, and I am one of the 1st year MD/PhD students. I am running for the VP MD/PhD role to give students in the MD/PhD program a greater voice in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. As the liaison between the faculty and the MD/PhD students, I want to ensure that your concerns are effectively communicated to ASoc and the Faculty. I plan to hold semiannual meetings to collect student feedback and work with my peers to solve pressing issues. Additionally, I plan on holding introductory events for incoming students to welcome them to the program and connect them with older MD/PhD students for personalized mentorship due to the unique aspects of the program. 

  By directly coordinating with the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada and ASoc, I hope to push for increased faculty support for your research and give all uOttawa MD students increased access to research opportunities. For example, finding a professor for summer/yearlong research is a difficult, often demotivating slog through emails and broken websites. I plan on organizing research open houses where students can meet with prospective supervisors and learn about research projects directly from them.  

uOttawa also has numerous websites, portals, and other sources of information for research grants and applications, making it challenging to figure out research funding. I want to work with the Faculty of Medicine to streamline their website and make it easier to access research grant information and resources. Furthermore, I want to organize workshops for students which discuss grant applications and other aspects of research to reduce barriers to starting new projects.   

As the VP for MD/PhD, I will address student concerns and increase opportunities to access research-related resources. Last year, Maclean’s University Rankings ranked uOttawa as the 5th best medical school in Canada, in large part due to the global impact of our research. Let’s reach even higher! 

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